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BHP and Mitsubishi sign a MoU to develop emissions reduction technology

In a bid to pursue emissions reductions together by implementing new technology, Mitsubishi Development (MDP) and BHP announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

As per reports, in a joint statement, both companies are set to review opportunities to pilot new ideas, undertake research, as well as develop and deploy the technology.

This latest collaboration of BHP with Mitsubishi comes under the mining company’s global program of projects in the USA, Canada, China, and Australia to work towards implementing lower emissions technology, for instance, Trials of light electric vehicles powered by lithium-ion batteries in BHP’s Olympic Dam underground fleet is one of the many low emission technology investments of the company.

In an interview which took place in Tokyo, China, Andrew Mackenzie, chief executive officer of BHP said that this MOU signifies a major step forward towards an important collaboration with one of BHP’s long-term industry partners in Mitsubishi.

Mackenzie’s statement reads as follows, “BHP is committed to boosting the development of emerging technologies that have the potential to achieve material reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, our customers and our partners of Japan are critical to the development of new technologies as well as steps taken towards reduction of emissions that stand to benefit countries all over the world.”.

According to Sadahiko Haneji, chief executive officer of Mitsubishi Development he claims that giving the company’s involvement in mineral resources activities in Australia, this MoU is a crucial step forward in that direction.

Sadahiko Haneji’s statement reads as follows, “Mitsubishi Corporation Group, and therefore MDP, is dedicated to simultaneously generating societal value, environmental value as well as economic value, following this virtue and guided by commitment to corporate social responsibility along with global climate targets, MDP is stepping up its efforts to generate further environmental value, in a bid to guide society transition to a low-carbon future.”



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