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Firms that operate detention centers can no longer be in business with Bank of America

Earlier in the week, Bank of America announced that it would be putting an end to its association with firms that provides immigrant and prisoner detention services at the state as well as federal levels.

As per reports, this move comes amidst growing public concern regarding the country’s border policies.

According to a spokesperson of Bank of America (BAC), “ the issue has been discussed with our customers that issue these services, we are also really appreciative of the actions taken by them to properly execute their humanitarian and contractual behavior, however, BAC ultimately came up with a decision to exit the relationships.”

The statement given by the spokesperson reads as follows, “We intend on existing these relationships due to the lack of further policy and legal clarity, adding to the growing concerns from our stakeholders and employees.”

When sources asked about the company it has worked with previously, Bank of America opted not to give a comment.



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