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Google unveils a new portal that helps small business develop a digital strategy

Earlier in the week, Google celebrated International Small Business Day, in the most Google way ever as it went on to launch a website which will recommend its products to business which will get the most benefits from those recommended products.

On June 28th, Friday, the Google for Small Business portal was officially launched by Google in New York at the Grow with Google Learning Center, where a variety of classes and workshops are offered by the billion dollar company.

This new website will “provide a place for everyone to start with Google products,” according to Google’s global product director for small business ads, Kim Spalding.

Spalding further added, “Over a period of time small business owners tend to struggle” precisely they do not have enough time to become digital marketing experts.

According to Spalding, she said that this new website could be beneficial for both small businesses as well as established businesses as the website provides great help for developing a digital strategy.


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